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This is the main grant fund which Cainie Glass Community Trust manages.  Grants are offered between £100 and £10,000 for a range of community activities. 

We can fund a wide variety of community activities, but all projects must fit within one of the following 'Funding Themes':

  1. Sense of community

  2. Enhancing our environment

  3. Health and wellbeing

  4. Lifelong learning

  5. Heritage and the arts

Grants can be made from the following applicants:

  • community groups, clubs and societies

  • public bodies

  • charities

  • community councils

  • limited companies, provided the project delivers wider benefits for the community

  • individuals (small grants under £1,000 only) and must demonstrate wider benefits for the community

Project location:

  • The eligible area is the civil parishes of Cairnie, Aberdeenshire and Glass, Aberdeenshire.

  • Applicants to the community grant fund do not neccessarily have to be based in the eligible area, but the project activity should be of substantial benefit to the residents of Cairnie and/or Glass.  

  • Project activities should usually take place within the eligible area

  • Projects located outwith the eligible area should demonstrate how the project will benefit the residents of Cairnie or Glass, and applications of this nature will only be approved in special circumstances at the full discretion of the CGCT committee

  • A map of the Cairnie and Glass eligible area can be downloaded here

Application rounds are held three times a year, usually in February, June and October.  Deadline dates are published on this website, in local social media, on posters and in the Huntly Express. 


Application forms should be emailed to on or prior to the deadline. 

Further details are found in the Funding Guidelines which can be downloaded here.


If you have any questions about the application process, please email


Download the Community Grant Fund application form

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